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What is BMX?  

BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) is a unique family sport where total family participation can take  place. Moms and Dads are encouraged to bring bikes down and race too! Riders of all ages  (from 2 to 50+) are able to compete in organized races throughout the US. You can be as  involved with the sport as you wish. BMX racing ranges from Local, State, National and all the  way up to World Championships. 

My Child wants to try BMX. How should we start?  

Wheels Skate Park is the home track of Naples BMX. The park and track are open to the public,  but if you would like to race and participate in our team, you will need a USA BMX  membership. We will get more into that later. We encourage riders to always wear the  appropriate safety gear at the track whether racing or free riding. Once your child can  successfully ride around the track without falling you are ready to start racing.  

Do I need a BMX Race Bike? 

Nope. Any bike is welcome on the track as long as it does not have pegs, kickstands or  training wheels. Naples BMX has bikes and helmets available as well. When you want to start  racing we recommend looking into race bikes. Race bikes are very light and will be a lot faster  than a standard bike. However, they typically start at about $400 for a new bike. We have a  lot of knowledgeable parents and kids that can point you in the right direction if you wish to  purchase a race bike.  

How old does my Child need to be to Race? 

BMX racing starts with Strider balance bikes at 2 years. Strider classes range in ages 2-5 years  old. When your child is able to ride the whole track unassisted on a pedal bike, they are  ready for “novice” class. Novice riders compete against other novice riders in their age  range. Each group creates a moto. For example, there could be three 5-year-old novices in  one moto and three 6-year-old novices in the next moto. One a novice achieves 10 wins in a  race, he or she will move up to the intermediate class.  

My Child wants to Race. What do I need? 

Any functioning bike with a race number plate (please see further for details on plates). Long sleeve shirt and long pants. Full faced helmet. (Naples BMX has a limited   number available to borrow while trying the sport). Although not required, we   suggest also wearing gloves, elbow and kneepads. When a rider is ready to race,   the first race is free at Naples BMX. A USA BMX Membership is required. 

BMX Membership, How much and where can I purchase?  

To ride (and do training) a valid BMX membership is required (to cover insurance costs). If you are looking into trying it out, 1-day memberships is available free or you can choose a  30-day membership for $30.00.  

Balance bike and Standard Annual Memberships are $60 and expires on the same date in the  following year. Your annual membership will allow you access to ride at all 300+ tracks across  the USA, a racing number for your plate, profile to track points, online trophy room and a  monthly subscription to PULL Magazine. 

To sign up for a membership visit the registration table at your local track or visit  www.usabmx.com Home track: Naples BMX

Do I need to do anything to my bike to race? 

Check that the bike is fully functioning and is safe to ride, making sure that handlebar ends are  covered. Reflectors, baskets, front brakes and kickstands need to be removed for racing. 

Do I Need a Race Number Plate? 

To race you need a number plate. Your race number is given when you sign up for your USA  BMX Membership. We sell standard Naples BMX number plates at our registration table or you  can find them online. 

When do you race at Naples BMX?  

Naples BMX has local races every Wednesday night (weather permitting) at 7:00 pm. The BMX  season runs all year long. Many riders participate in local races at other nearby tracks and in  the Florida State Championship Series which runs from October to May. 

How is racing organized? 

In BMX riders are grouped based on the age on the date of the race. From two years old to  the over 60 set racers are classified as Novice, Intermediate, Expert to Pro. There is an age  and skill class for EVERYONE. 

How much is racing?  

It is typically $8 per rider to race at Naples BMX. Strider Riders race for $5.  

What happens on race day? 

Wheels Skate Park open the track at 3 pm. Practice is 6:00 - 6:45pm and the races start at 7:00  pm! Please remember that riders must have a USA BMX Membership to participate.  Registration is online only. You can register for the race in our online store, or by visiting www.usabmx.com/tracks/1916/pages/1617 from the Monday before the race till 6:00 on race night. 

We conduct two races, or motos, and then break before completing the final moto. Volunteers run a concession stand with drinks, snacks, and a dinner special. 

Restroom facilities stay open until the conclusion of the event. 

My child is ready for a race bike, what size bike do we get? 

Bike sizes vary and are based on a number of factors. We highly recommend visiting a bike  shop that specializes in BMX race bikes to assist with choosing the correct size bike for your  child. We also recommend getting a bike, which is the correct size rather than something they  will “grow in to”, this allows them to develop skills better, race faster, and they will enjoy  themselves more.

Want to know more? 

We have a registration desk at all practices and race days where you can ask questions or  speak with our members at the track.  

Message us on Facebook @NaplesBMX or contact our Track Operator Alex Tranchand