Board Title and Duties


Following USA BMX and Collier Parks and Recreation rules and regulations to the best of their knowledge and ability.

Overseeing track maintenance and repairs

Managing and organizing state and local races held at Naples BMX

Manage Naples BMX Inc. funds with transparency and accountability with the involvement of the board

Communication with the board members

Promoting positive relationships with parents, Collier Parks and Recreation, the board, city and local organizations, and other track operators. 


The main contact for the track operator. 

Responsible for passing important information to board members

Representing Naples BMX when the Track Operator is not available

Understanding track operations, USA BMX, and Collier County Regulations

Assisting track operator in track maintenance and repairs


Assistant to President and Track Operator in their duties of track maintenance and repair

Communicating orders of necessary items or repairs of track equipment of Naples BMX Inc. to the treasurer

Organizing the volunteer track positions of local races such as gate runner, stage manager, corner marshalls


Responsible for managing Naples BMX INC financial duties which include the following:

Manage Naples BMX INC. books and bank account

Access to Naples BMX INC. account to be used under authority of the track operator

Ordering necessary items for running Naple BMX INC. such as jerseys, trophies, ribbons, food for concessions, and other miscellaneous items concerning the operation of practices and races


Main contact for all track race day administrative needs, registration, race schedule, new and renewal of rider license (membership/applications). 

Will be responsible for record-keeping, attendance, minutes of meetings, and handle all incoming and outgoing correspondence, and providing copies of minutes to the President prior to the next meeting.


Point of contact for all media releases. 

Reaching out and gathering sponsors, and donations

Assisting the Communications Representative with social media, flyers, events, and merchandise 


Responsible for maintaining the website and social media pages

Designing of flyers, sponsorship forms, events, and other graphic items as needed 


Organizing dependable volunteers to assist with operations such as concessions, registrations, setting up, and breaking down